• Strong adhesion to dentin, metal, Zirconia, composite and etched (or silanated) ceramic. No pre-treatment required in most case. To cement etched ceramic veneers, Maryland bridges and posts, the tooth structures must be etched and the use of Healbond MP in conjunction with InnoCem is strongly recommended.
  • Highest conversion rate on the market: 58,40% at 30mn: less primary toxicity.
  • HEMA, TEDGMA, Bis GMA and BPA-free : less secondary toxicity.
  • High flexural strength: 90MPa.
  • After 5 seconds of polymerisation, the excesses remain slightly rubbery to be easily removed.
  • Due to its strong hiding power, associated to an extreme opacity, the opaque versions of InnoCem are the best choices for cementation of aesthetic prosthetics elements on implant abutments, or on metallic elements such as inlay core and amalgams.
  • Good balance between hydrophobia for a long-term and stable adhesion, and a slight hydrophilia before polymerization to allow InnoCem to chemically bond to collagenfibers and phosphate ions, when used on vital teeth.
  • Waterproof and stability over time: no post-operative sensitivities.
  • Very thin layer of cement.
  • Easy to handle: dual syringe for a perfect dosage and intra-oral fineor xfine tips to facilitate the placement inside the mouth in the intrados of prosthesis or directly into the root canal.


  • Metal, composite, etched (or silanisated ceramic) inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges.
  • In conjunction with Healbond MP: Maryland bridges of 2 to 3 elements, Etched (or silanisated) ceramic veneers, Root canal post (metallic or fiber posts).

Self-adhesive universal permanent resin cement


IC-10-TA2 1 x 5 ml syringe + 10 mixing tips + 10 intraoral tips (fine and Xfine). Translucent A2 shade
IC-10-OA2 1 x 5 ml syringe + 10 mixing tips + 10 intraoral tips (fine and Xfine). A2 Opaque shade
IC-10-OA3 1 x 5 ml syringe + 10 mixing tips + 10 intraoral tips (fine and Xfine). A3 opaque shade