Elsodent is the first laboratory to work on biocompatibility of dental materials. Aware of the toxicity of current restauration materials, the Research and Development department of ELSODENT comes up with composites and resins with great physical, mechanical and esthetically performances from more biocompatible molecules, that cannot be attacked by the salivary enzymes.

In 2013, ELSODENT made the decision to design and manufacture dental products with less toxic monomers, out of consideration firstly for patients’ health but also the environment.

To achieve this goal, the laboratory modifiy formulations over time, to eliminate addition of TEGDMA, Bis GMA , as well as HEMA.

Thus, ELSODENT launches the first more biocompatible range of dental products, positioning itself as the leader in terms of innovative dental products and healthier!

Easily identify the products from the BIO+ range thanks to this logo that can be found on their productsheet!

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