a French laboratory, in the club of world leaders in dental bonding systems!
A university study confirms the remarkable bonding effectiveness of the dental adhesive systems of ELSODENT’s BIO+ range

For 25 years, ELSODENT has been an exception, the only French manufacturer of dental consumables.
Relying on an outstanding R&D department, ELSODENT BIO + products, with their remarkable physico-chemical and clinical qualities compete very favourably with most well-known market standards.
ELSODENT combines high-technology and sustainable development, and places innovation at the core of its strategy.
From this extensive research comes a complete range of products, developed from non-degradable and potentially less toxic molecules.
To demonstrate the effectiveness of its BIO+ range, ELSODENT sent its adhesive systems (HEALBOND MP and HEALBOND Max) to Pr Van Meerbeek, head of the testing laboratory of Leuven university. Micro-adhesive tests were carried out on dentin vs. leading dental market products.
A complete test report is now available and we are proud to share the results with you.
They show excellent adhesion values at 1 week, which are confirmed after immersion for 2 months in distilled water!

All products in the ELSODENT BIO + range are formulated without addition of HEMA, TEGDMA, or endocrine disruptors (BisGMA or BPA).

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