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R&D Laboratory

R&D Laboratory

Elsodent spends more than 15% of its turnover on Research and Development (R & D), internal and external, so we can create innovative products in line with the latest advances in dentistry.  Dentist Dr. Gilbert Ely, on the management team, knows from experience that, in many clinical sessions, the same problems appear repeatedly. Examples are numerous: impression materials, resins or composites not thixotropic enough (too flowing) ; cleaning the cement off teeth, during prosthodontic try on, fitting and final session, composite core built up material not sufficiently hard compared to dentin.

To improve the clinical properties of these products, dentists and chemists working in the R&D department of Elsodent eliminate these defects which are detrimental to the success of the clinical procedures. The masterized products allow the practitioner to work faster, without loss of time. (Loss of time that he is not really aware of, since it has been incorporated into his daily practice).

ELSODENT is now creating a new product generation :  the “BIO+” range, formulated without any addition of TEGDMA,  BPA, Bis GMA, HEMA.

Patients might have already expressed worries about the toxic molecules in products, such as dental products. Because there is more and more concern about this issue, we have listened to patients’ and now can already propose to dentists,a multitude of TEGDMA and BPA-free consumable products.

Soon, all our products will fit the BIO+ range requirements and you will deliver even safer dentistry to your patients.

In 2005, Elsodent launched a research program in partnership with the CNRS (France’s National Scientific Research Institute) and two French universities to design a new generation of nano-hybrid composite. The result speaks for itself:  designed and developed for optimum biocompatibility, it does not contain Bisphenol A, nor TEDGMA or HEMA. It also shows excellent clinical study as thixotropy and minimum shrinkage. The colour stability and polishability are excellent.

Th laboratory also initiated a new project of external R&D, in partnership with a university chemistry department, for the development of a dental adhesive which meets demanding specifications in terms of value but is also sustainable over time.

New products dedicated to orthodontics are also under consideration.

This is the core of ELSODENT BIO+ approach, when designing dental consumables with high quality and  great clinical performances meeting dentists requirements in addition to  improved biocompatibility to offer more health-friendly products.

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