• Compared to needles with apical opening, a needle with lateral opening and blunt end will prevent any risk of damage at the apex of the tooth (acute desmondontitis), especially with a chronically infected tooth (eg.: widely opened apex), or when the apessification is not complete.
  • The small diameter of the opening allows enough water pressure to expel the debris from the canal.
  • Cleaning root canals without risking a perforation of the apex.


  • 3 diameters available:
    • 0.30 mm (purple), for thin canal irrigation.
      • 0.40 mm (yellow) for medium-size canal irrigation.
        • 0.60 mm (blue), for large canal irrigation (canines and incisives).
  • 33 mm length, suitable even for upper maxillar canine.
  • Very flexible, to adapt to all canal morphology.

Canulas for root canal irrigation. Lateral opening and blunt end

References & presentation

ED30-100 Kit of 100 canulas – gauge 30
ED27-100 Kit of 100 canulas – gauge 27
ED23-100 Kit of 100 canulas – gauge 23
ED30-30 Kit of 30 canulas – gauge 30
ED27-30 Kit of 30 canulas – gauge 27
ED23-30 Kit of 30 canulas – gauge 23