• Immediate efficiency (decreased sensitivity)
  • Anti-microbial action (surface of the cavity)
  • Easy to use. Apply and wait 10 secondes before drying with air
  • Use pure product undiluted No dental preparation, mixing or photopolymerization needed.
  • Apply and wait 10 secondes before drying with air.


  • The resin links to proteins of the dentin and seals the tubulis to isolate the surface of the cavity. the antimicrobial agent kills germs at the surface and fasten the efficiency of the produc
  • Sodium fluoride reduces the incidence of root surface caries, remineralizing the dentin, to help providing a long-lasting desensitization


  • As a liner (90% of the indications), HEALDENT eliminates the risk of post-operative sensitivities. It is compatible with all bonding agents and restorative materials and actually enhances the adhesion of bonding agents by 1 to 2 Mpa.
  • As a desensitizer (5% of the indications), HEALDENT gives immediate pain relief on cervical recessions or root exposures.


  • Before prosthetic sealing on the tooth to avoid the sensitivity due to the acidity of cements during the first 24h.
  • After tooth bleaching & whitening.
  • After scaling, root planning & perio treatments.


D-10 10 ml bottle