In November 2012, during the ADF, we met Celine Filitika (final year student at the Faculty of Dental Surgery of Montrouge, Paris Descartes University) who presented her humanitarian project for access to dental care in Peru. She aims to expand free care for the poor in Peru. Excited about this initiative, we decided to become project partners in the project providing financial suupport.

Despite Peru’s rich history, which attracts so many tourists, many of its population still live in poverty. After a holiday in Peru, a French dentist offered his services to La Ciudad de Los Ninos, a Franciscan association which takes care of abandoned or ill-treated Peruvian children, providing them with shelter, food and education. With support from the Scientific Society affiliated to the University of Paris Descartes, a humanitarian project was set up.

Organisations responsible for au project
– Organisation Cosmetic Dentistry – Study Group (French association nonprofit law 1901)
– The Dentist of the Year 06 (French association nonprofit law 1901)
– La Ciudad de Los Ninos (establishment Peruvian non-profit supporting Lesenfants abandoned or abused the city of Lima)

Yassine Harichane (French dentist) Jacqueline Mantilla (Secretary General of La Ciudad de Los Ninos) Volunteers (in alphabetical order) Pauline Crinelli (dentist) Céline Filitika (future dentist) Jeanne-Masle Farquhar (future dentist) Bich Ngo Tien (future dentist ) Maxime Perois (future dentist) Anne-Sophie Porot (future dentist) Louis Toussaint (dentist) Camille Vauthier (future dentist) Helen Weber (future dentist) Location La Ciudad de Los Ninos, Lima, Peru

The program will be conducted by two teams for a full week (Monday to Sunday). The first team will travel to Peru in April 2013. The second one will go in September 2013 on the same site to perform a reassessment of previously treated children and manage medically children newly arrived in the institution.

Main objectives :
– Deliver free dental care to the disadvantaged, abandoned or abused.
– Set up a screening programme for caries in this population
– Implement a programme of disease-prevention caries
– Set up regular monitoring of this population

Learn more :
– Conference organized at the Faculty of Dental Surgery (Université Paris Descartes)